Global Touch takes pride in adding value at every step of our client engagements. Our credibility depends on it. If you are investing time and money to create a world class, global partner community with customer investment cycle stickiness, Global Touch can help maximize investments and accelerate success.

Channel & Partner Transformation

Hybrid computing mandates new channel programs, metrics, and enablement—not the same adopted by the IT industry over the last fifteen years. Next generation and transformational initiatives and programs are built on cutting edge strategy and vision, flawless planning, execution precision, and distinct value proposition.
Global Touch’s experience includes creating impactful and momentum building next generation partner and enablement programs, messaging for partner and customer events, and developing insights and strategies for public cloud providers to hybrid computing vendors and their partners.

Disruptive Innovation

Global Touch helps our clients bring cutting-edge and cost-effective disruptive innovation to products, sales, services, marketing, partner profitability, and customer retention. Whether our clients are market leaders looking to enter or grow emerging or adjacent markets, born in the cloud, or start-ups looking to leap frog legacy leaders, we never believe in doing the same thing a bit better.  Instead, we put together new and value opportunities harnessed through technology and business models to create disruptive innovation.

Customer &
PARTNER Experience

Digital transformation is changing customer and partner behavior and buying preferences. Each customer and partner touch point creates opportunities to enrich the core relationship experience.  Done correctly, it drives deeper connections and enhanced opportunities to wrap expanded business value into the relationship.  

Global Touch uses end-to-end proprietary demand and supply chain tools to deliver timely and accurate, revenue enhancing intelligence that creates a 360-degree view of customers and partners.  We focus on strategic innovation, value transformation, and revenue generation to improve the experience across all customer and partner touch points to drive a more consistent, effective, efficient, and lifecycle experience.

Profitability &

The growth of hybrid computing is driving a shift in the balance of power with partners. No longer are partners swarming to a broad number of IT vendors to sell their lines.  Instead partners are focusing on a focused list of IT vendors that can deliver sustainable profitability and ecosystem opportunities. As a result, demonstrating profitability with products, services, recurring revenue, and ecosystem revenues are critical ingredients to attracting and retaining the right partners who can reach and develop opportunities with world class customers.

We know that profitable partners generate high revenue and invest in capabilities to deliver more value around products. And profitable partners are satisfied and loyal partners. 

Global Touch’s Profitability & Satisfaction services is designed to capture multi-dimensional indicators. We help our clients make strategic and operational decisions with confidence by having insightful and actionable information. Without this information, clients don’t have a true inside look at today’s changing and future profitability.

Strategic Planning

At Global Touch, we help our clients identify strategic market opportunities through in-depth market research, actionable analysis, competitive benchmarking, and realistic plans. We work side-by-side with management to clarify issues, refine ideas, and give them shape.

Our strength comes from a combination of first-hand experience and the ability to connect the dots, while creating practical, actionable programs and plans that generate results.

As our clients face turbulent global market challenges, unpredictable geopolitics, continuous IT industry developments, and omnichannel marketing requirements to create customized experiences, we help our clients to make the right adjustments and ensure the vision remains steady.


Revenue generating and integrated ecosystems are the new stickiness with customer adoption of a technology or solution and partners’ on-going investments into a technology manufacturers’ or developers Technology partnerships. Gone are the days when a handful of technology partnerships provided the confidence to invest in a technology manufacturers’ or developers roadmap.  More and more, the strength of a technology, cloud, hosted-, or hybrid ecosystem can drive new or help retain customers and partners who are looking to gain more or wrap expanded value and services around a core product.
Global Touch helps clients bring together developers that complement our client’s products, cloud offerings, or service offerings. Whether these ecosystems are commodity ecosystems (or basic building blocks that many developers will need to build out their own applications), add-on ecosystems (or existing products which could benefit from additional features and functions), or sell-with ecosystems (or existing products or services that sits in an ecosystem of other products and services that complement our client’s core offering), ecosystems can deliver impressive results, including faster innovation, higher revenue, and the ultimate customer stickiness.

“Global Touch helps NetApp understand changing economic intricacies to shape and validate our global channel strategy.”