Global Touch, Inc.® is a strategic consulting group serving the information technology industry. We focus on finding, expanding, diversifying and accelerating revenue streams while steering clients from product-led to market-led leaders.

We are in the early stages of the greatest transformation in decades: the era of business transformation and IT transformation intersecting to create the digital business. This digital transformation is being led by taking competitive advantage of what data can do for all aspects of business. 

Business, IT technology manufacturers and application developers, cloud providers, distributors, and value-added partners are all re-imagining how to adapt and embrace what's next. Learning how to transform business processes around the potential of digital, or identifying where and how it can provide new product and service innovations while leveraging legacy 'non-digital' assets and capabilities, is the key to thriving in the new era. 

Looking for answers? Whether you are a born-in-the-cloud technology developer or partner, solution or service provider, distributor, hardware manufacturer or software developer, or corporate IT executive, Global Touch® can help!


Client’s roadmaps with customer investment cycles and partner readiness.


Client’s goals, profits,and competitiveness
around the world.



Client’s resources to maximize opportunities and time to success.

“After becoming increasingly frustrated with ‘big consulting’ mentality and price tags, Global Touch was recommended to us. They exceeded their reputation.”


“Global Touch help us understand what customers needed, where we needed to realign our priorities, and how we could scale success.”