Since 1990, whether working on behalf of established companies with successful track records or pioneering newcomers with out-of-the box ideas, we never lose sight of our role as a catalyst of our clients’ success.


Global Touch, Inc. is the consultancy for the hybrid and digital computing world. We do four things—we help clients understand the present, we interpret what will happen in the future, we put a plan in place to get there, and we dig in and get the work done to achieve amazing results for our clients.  

Global Touch's unique foundation is rooted in our pioneering approach to capture, align, differentiate, and drive capabilities and stickiness between technology companies' roadmaps with customers investment cycles and partner readiness.

We concentrate on:

  • innovative and global approaches to profitable partnerships, channels, and ecosystems
  • customer and partner listening and intelligence
  • partnerships to create competitive differentiation
  • disruptive innovation

We focus globally to maximize client resources and fortify competitive barriers with first-hand experience in more than 100 countries.

From our start, our mission continues to be to keep our clients ahead of market trends and identify niches that can be turned into big market opportunities. 

Our goals are:

  • Work with best global thinkers
  • Turn early market disrupters into creative disruptive innovation
  • Identify and embrace unique market nuances of what really works and why
  • Build IP to accelerate our clients’ success
  • Connect synergist businesses and ecosystems everywhere
  • Earn the privilege of working with the best technology companies

Results are in our DNA and woven into the fabric of our clients’ businesses.


Denise Sangster




Denise Sangster is recognized as a global authority on developing productive and profitable go-to-market strategies, effective customer, channel and alliance partnerships, and cutting-edge and cost-effective disruptive innovation for leading information and born-in-the cloud technology companies, IT channel partners, and corporate customers.

With each project, Sangster delivers a combination of “insider" knowledge, rigorous analysis, unconventional insights, and a vast network of global resources to build winning strategies, partnerships, and solutions that provide actionable results and ROI to her clients' bottom lines.

Sangster had been a featured columnist and commentator on technology, partnering, channel trends and voice of the customer for a variety of IT and financial publications and has contributed to publications in over thirty countries.  She has extensive speaking experience at worldwide industry events, financial analyst (investor) events, and vendor customer forums.  She also founded, hosted, and produced Europe’s first Pan-European IT channel-focused conference (EuroChannels from 1991 to 2000) and the first U.S. channels-focused web event (CyberChannels from 1998 to 2001).

She graduated from the University of California (Berkeley) and has degrees in political science and computer science.  She has completed executive education at Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, INSEAD, and London School of Economics.

Sangster grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. She is currently a member of the TrustedPeer Network.  When she is not traveling, she lives in the Berkeley hills across the ‘bay’ from San Francisco, California and is an avid gardener and enjoys sunrise outings with her three Labradors.  She continues her love of water sports through involvement with Cal Women's Rowing at the University of California (Berkeley).  She has previously served as an officer or Board member with the National Women's Rowing Association (now part of US Rowing), Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee for Rowing, Kayaking & Canoeing, United States Women’s Olympic Rowing Committee, University of California Athletic Advisory Council, Overseas Vote Foundation, and Midsummer Mozart Festival.


“Global Touch brings insightful, actionable results.”